about Ali

Ali is an active person in the fields of art and industry, he has achieved success in various fields. Although these activities may not be related to each other at first glance, Ali has been able to advance all these talents in parallel and connect them some how. Ali believes that follow whatever your soul feels good about, even if you don't find any logic in this world for the connection between them, your soul creates that logic.


In the field of industry, he is active in the construction sector, especially wood material and industrial designs in Canada. He has several activities in other industrial sectors, such as industrial content creator and web site creation and industrial introduction

Art & Creativity

In the field of art and artistic activities, he has been able to bring many innovations, one of the most important achievements of Ali can be mentioned the publication of several books in the poetry and song section, and in other sections, he was able to introduce with an infographic virtual tour and Filming and photography in different way and perspective ,achieved many successes.

“Success is not measured on the days when the sun shines. Success is measured on the Dark, Stormy, Cloudy days. And if you can't absorb Failure, you're never gonna meet success. There's gonna be bad days There's gonna be dark days But you've gotta embrace it, because that pain is what makes you stronger.”

Ali Rajaeian