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Infographic Virtual Tour

The virtual infographic is the best tool for a clear and on-the-ground introduction of people from places, people can have a complete introduction of the place without the need to be present at the place, and maybe even more than in-person information, because in this virtual tour model, apart from seeing The complete location with high-quality details can have written information, complete photos and a much better and complete view than the person’s presence in the place. Films, photos, catalogs and all the information a person needs can be found in one place, this is the innovation in this section by Ali Rajeaian.

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Drone pilot

Definitely, the pictures and videos in the height and perspective that we are less likely to see in normal life are more attractive. Apart from this issue, the introduction will be better, more attractive and more up-to-date, and we can choose among promotional teasers or showrooms or introductions for a specific place.

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Videography & Pro Editor

Having a professional and attractive video is necessary for every business, whether in the exhibition or in the introduction for the customer or for branding and…
Filming with several cinema cameras for any type of business from industrial to artistic and presentation with great creativity.
Film and video editing with cinematic and up-to-date software in this industry with any special effects and orders for you

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Photography & Pro Editor

Photography is the basic need of any business and having professional photography with rules and standards is very important for any type of business, the quality and output of the work together with a lot of experience in this sector can turn into a very pleasing and beautiful result.
Edit photos and images and graphic designs with relevant and advanced software and have flexibility in taking your order and your taste for your order.

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Poet & Poetry

Songwriting and Persian poetry on melody and advice for production
In this context, to have orders and see examples of work, refer to the desired section of the poem

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Carpentry & Constraction

In the field of construction and carpentry, there are activities based on your order and consultation in this field.
I will be happy to serve you in this field due to having a professional team and a reliable company in this field.

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Why Ali Rajaeian

When there is someone who loves his work, work is always enjoyable for him, someone who enjoys his work always offers the best and very good results can be seen from him without forcing him.

Years of experience in all the mentioned fields, cooperation with very large and reliable companies, with a powerful and knowledgeable and knowledgeable team, with high flexibility and punctuality, with customer satisfaction during these years of activity.

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